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Cardiovascular Health

The best way to beat heart disease is to avoid it in the first place or catch it in its earliest stages..

Doctor's Appointment

Introduction to and comprehensive health review.

  1. Understanding what your heart health goals are. 

  2. Data collection by our concierge MA, consisting of biometrics and blood tests. 

  3. Reviewing the test results in context of your current and past medical health 



  a. Advanced cholesterol panel
  b. Advanced inflammatory panel
  c. Genotype and what it means to your phenotype


  4. Reviewing the recommendations to address these results. 

  5. Strategizing ways to achieve your heart health goals in (2)

  a. With medication 

  b. With physician grade supplementation
  c. With holistic approach to lifestyle changes
  d. With additional imaging, testing and biometrics

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