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PRP Treatment

PRP, or platelet rich plasma, is a component of blood which aids healing in the body. These platelets are concentrated in the blood; they clot blood and assist with cell multiplication. The platelets secrete various growth factors that help heal damaged tissue. Therefore enabling "new life" in your skin cells.  The platelets and growth factors are injected into the face, forehead, eye area, mouth, nasolabial fold or cheeks to promote local healing and skin rejuvenation.

What Is Involved In A PRP Treatment?

-In order to receive platelet rich plasma treatments, a patient must give a sample of blood. Sharon will then separate the blood through a spinning process in a machine, into components referred to as liquid gold creating a miraculous and healing mixture.

**Only physcians and Nurse Practitioner's (like Sharon Higuchi& Roni Westermeyer) are allowed to perform this procedure, as it is similar to a medical treatment. 
-It involves drawing blood from the arm, spinning it down to separate out a layer filled with platelets, growth factors, and a few stray stem cells. Sharon then re-injects that mixture through tiny needles all over the face to purposely rebuild collagen, smooth skin, and add fullness back into the face.

For 2-3 months after the procedure, the positive effects of PRP treatments generally continue to improve. After the initial change, the effects can last up to several years.

The Power of TWO!

We recommend combining the PRP treatment with a syringe of Radiesse and Juvederm, because it has been researched and proven to give the best results!  By doing filler at the same time as a PRP treatment, you accelerate collagen production and hydration, which in turn gives us that fullness and glow look that we had in our youth.

PRP Hair Treatment

Platelet Rich Plasma treatment is not only for your skin, but it also produces hair growth by stimulating your hair molecules through an injection of essential proteins.  

PRP therapy for hair loss involves withdrawing a patient's own blood, and then processing it so that only the enriched cells (platelet-rich plasma) remain, and injecting it into the scalp. 

There is no downtime and no one will even know that you are getting treatments!  The only thing others will notice, is your amazing hair!

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