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CHOOSE AN EXPERT INJECTOR! Not all injectors are created equal! An expert injector has special training/certification in all dermal fillers, their uses and the most effective injection methods. As an Expert Injector, Sharon has additional specialized training and is specially trained and certified. She believes in using only Medical Grade product, so you are always getting the BEST!  Some clinics don't use medical grade product which means it's watered down and you are therefore paying for more product and less results.


BOTOX® Cosmetic is a safe, reliable injectable medication. For wrinkles this means relaxing the muscles that crease the skin or pull the skin down. For excess sweating it disables the nerves, which stimulate the sweat glands.


Dysport® is a prescription injection that is FDA approved for the temporary improvement in the look of moderate-to-severe frown lines between the eyebrows (otherwise known as glabellar lines) in patients less than 65 years of age.


Radiesse helps create defined looking cheek bones, and because of it's molecular structure, it is also the perfect remedy for restructuring noses and chins!

Juvedern Ultra Plus

UVEDERM ULTRA PLUS enhances the fullness of the lips giving a natural look.  You can also use it in your nasal labial folds to fill in deep lines. It can last up to 1-2 years.


SCULPTRA Aesthetic is different from topical treatments and other facial fillers because it works with your body to help revitalize the production of collagen. Over time your body will actually work with Sculptra in producing more collagen, therefore giving you your youthful fullness back. It can last more then 2 years.


VERSA is one of the newer fillers on the market with more hyaluronic acid per syringe than any other.  It is one of the more versatile fillers that can be used in many areas of the face including, the lips, nasal labial folds, soft cheek tissue and under eyes.

Restylane Lyft

RESTYLANE LYFT is an injectable hyaluronic acid gel that is used to correct volume loss in the cheeks and under the eyes as well as treat wrinkles around the nose and lip area, and is used to enhance the fullness of lips.


RESTYLANE CLASSIC is a hyaluronic acid used to smooth away wrinkles and fine lines

Juvederm Ultra

JUVEDERM XC is a hyaluronic acid used to fill in wrinkles and fine lines in and around the lips and nose area. It has been proven to last up to 1 year.

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