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Sexual Health

Maintaining a healthy and pleasurable sex life is a vital component to overall health, wellness and a vibrant, confident self-esteem. Glo’s dedication to bringing innovation to our clients’ health now includes a breakthrough procedure for women and men struggling with sexual dysfunction as well as female urinary incontinence. While this subject may be uncomfortable and often avoided with many physicians, sexual wellness conversations at Glo will feel natural and comfortable.

Our medical practitioners are properly trained to advise clients on the right solution customized to their body and their needs.

The O-Shot for women and the P-Shot for men. Revolutionary sexual enrichment procedure’s that are redefining sexual pleasure, function and spontaneity by harnessing your body’s own restorative potential through a procedure called PRP.

Cooking Together

Common Benefits:

  • Increased sexual feelings

  • Greater arousal from clitoral & G-spot stimulation

  • Increased lubrication of the vagina

  • Tightening of the vagina

  • Improved vaginal orgasm ability

  • Stronger and more numerous orgasms

  • Decrease of pain with intercourse

  • Resolution of urinary incontinence

P-Shot for Men

The P Shot harnesses your body’s growth factors to improve their sexual performance and experience.

Common Benefits:

  • Increased penis length & girth

  • Improved penis circulation

  • Improved erection quality

  • Heightened sensation & pleasure

  • Ability to eliminate ED prescriptions

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