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PDO Thread

The PDO Thread Lift procedure safely and instantly lifts up loose skin on the face, neck and the body with minimal downtime.  They call it the "lunchtime procedure" because it can be done within about an hour and is very non-invasive.

Model's Lower Face

Thread Lift is one the most effective ways to lift the loose skin around our chin and neck area as well as the eyebrows, and jowls without any surgery. As we age, the effects of gravity become more noticeable on our faces, and with the decline in collagen and facial fat it becomes especially noticeable.  As gravity takes place and we lose the fat and collagen, our faces take on a more square shape which leads to an older looking face.  The purpose of the Thread Lift, is to pull the facial skin back into it's original position bringing back the V-shape that represents our youth.  


Novathreads can be inserted almost anywhere, even in the body, however one area where they are especially effective is the neck and jawline. As we age the lower part of the face can become a challenge to treat effectively with botox or injectable fillers, so by combining fillers in the mid to upper face and threads to the lower third part of the face, you can get the most beautiful and dramatic results!

What are PDO Threads?

Novathreads are needles preloaded with a synthetic PDO absorbable suture.  All sutures are FDA-approved and PDO sutures are one of the safest materials that can be used in the body. Your skin will fully absorb the Novathread within 4 to 6 months without leaving any scar tissue.


The sutures are placed underneath the skin, creating a “selective inflammatory response” to produce collagen which creates a longer-lasting result: This method is behind a lot of aesthetic procedures (such as lasers, skin tightening treatments and microneedling). Our skin is excellent at repairing itself, and by inserting the Novathreads underneath the skin to lift the loose skin, the skin will heal itself by creating new collagen naturally!

At Glo Medical we love seeing people leave our office feeling their absolute best!  With PDO Threads this gives us even more advantage of helping you look and feel younger and more refreshed!  The Ultimate Glo is our combination package of fillers and threads giving you the ultimate experience!!!  The PDO threads pull up any loose skin and the fillers give fullness back into the areas of the face that have lost their collagen due to the aging process or an illness. From subtle to dramatic, we have a package for everyone!

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